Saturday, 4 June 2016

Oh yes, and one more thing.

First of all, let me swear.

Fuck you.

I don't think I'll need you at least for next 5 years. You've been a guy who's been pulling me down so badly; you were trying to change who I am.

Then you always told me the same thing over and over again; do whatever you like. Do whatever you want and do the things that what you want to do. And I did. Then your reaction was horrendous; you were like, why? I'm just bemused. Are you talented at contradictions? Because sorry, I'm very retarded but I try my best to be logical. And whenever I see your decisions based on your emotions, I feel nauseous and keeping you away from me.

So I'm doing it already.

Stop thinking that you'll never be the problem in my life; at most you will think will be like, "Oh, he's on that mode again", or "What did I do wrong?". Or you'll call my name and try to explain in your own words, as if you understand a single bit of me. You can't and you don't. You shouldn't dare to change me. You should let me do whatever I want and stop being sulky about it, when YOU HAVE NEVER LISTENED TO ME AND YOU PRETENDED AS IF YOU DID. Why, are you gonna object this with your contradiction? Then come up with something logical; I'm in a better school than you. You're stupid.

I hate contempt and I try my best not to show it. And as I try not to do so, I see you doing that so many times that I cannot forget them already. Say whatever you want. I will cover my ears with my hands and be egoistic, like what you said to me.

I blame myself. You should be blaming yourself, not me. Don't frame it to me.

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