Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Do you hate cockroaches?

I hate them. I really hate it when I see one of them at a kitchen or toilet, suddenly crawling up my leg without any warning and then even worse, when it flies with wings spread open.
You find them disgusting too, don't you?
However, what if I were a cockroach, trying to amuse a person? And then, it fails quite badly.
You see, life isn't really perfect - there are failures which you deserve because you did not try your best. Yet, there are some reasons why you could not try your best. Maybe there was something wrong with your relationship and you couldn't get it past your mind. You could not made up your mind because you were addicted to gaming and could not get out of that whirlpool of coaxing. Yes, things like these make you feel vulnerable, and start to think: "Why am I so bad in everything?"
Let me look at this matter with a cockroach's point of view.
I am a cockroach now. I was born in the sewage consuming this and that waste materials. I see so many awesome creatures up there in the limelight. Rats, cats, dogs, and then I see humans. Humans are the best creatures, are they? I search for the best path as I aspire to learn from them. I approach them with curiosity, trying to get a closer look, as I'm short-sighted. Then this person approaches me with a distorted look, fleeing away from me. Oh, I see.
Whenever I see a creature, I should be running away from it.
I try my best to run away, but my eyesight does not help me at all. Is it about something that I don't have? I have six legs and humans only have two legs. Why are they so agile? Oh, because they are big. I get pounced by a large item, and I feel extremely painful, but I still struggle to live by crawling up with my broken legs. And then, I try to fly - oh, broken wings. Now I wait for tissue paper to cover me and be part with the sewage once again, by going into that whirlpool of toilet bowl. My already bad vision gets even more blurry as I enter the water.
I tried my best to amuse someone very much but that person finds me the other way round. It was an abhorrence that the person found from me. People are born with strengths and weaknesses. I am born with strength of influencing other people with words, and with weakness of inability to influence myself with words I said. Basically meaning, I cannot keep my words. There is something very interesting about cockroach, and it is its longevity. Cockroaches are the creatures which reproduce rapidly and survive by coping with the surroundings. Living in dark places where you rarely visit, they consume matters which we rarely touch on.
My point is simple. Don't try your best to amuse a person, but do your best at what you are strong at. Look at that cockroach trying to be a human being. Yes, imitation is a good way to follow up, but copying every single movement will be a bad choice. There is no way cockroaches can live under light, nor suddenly grow big just like humans to run away faster with 6 legs. That doesn't happen in reality. We have to face it - failure is a failure, but do not be jealous of what other people are doing, and not follow their steps very closely that you lose your own colours. Life is not always full of happy episodes. It is indeed weird for you to find happiness and gratitude of life frequently in this society. You are failing and you do not know what to do? Let's wake up and face the reality. It's time to wake up. You are not a cockroach, but you can become one if you follow footsteps to failure.
Those who are proud of themselves and conceited over their strengths? Don't care about them! Just think of yourself in your own league, and try to imitate what they are doing, but not follow exactly what they are doing. You are different from them.

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