Friday, 26 June 2015

Love, the most useless value when it comes to progressing - scientifically, theoretically and historically.

Let us question ourselves: What is love?

Love is a value that is generally depicted beautiful, heart-warming and also, heart-wrenching. Love is also associated very closely to heart, because it makes us feel nervous when we love someone, and when we confess love to someone we like and fail, our hearts sink. Of course, this is an abstract expression. I am not being logical to this because love is something out of logic. Love is also a very powerful value that can make us do something crazy and achieve our goals. At the same time, love can also be very shallow to this erotica level, which is called "lust." (YAY, LUST!!! No. I'm just kidding.) Lust is not love, but if you love someone, there is a possibility that you will have lust on that person, regardless of what sex chromosome that person carries.

Love is usually associated with heart, because it makes your heart beat faster in its presence. Opposite in its absence, however. It kind of stops your heart for awhile.

And love is a value that is very special to mankind, because we think that it is not present in animals or micro-organisms. What they are doing would be called mating and reproducing, but that is not love. It is unique in its definition. The funny thing is, love is not defined completely, because science does not work for love.

Here is the main question that Mrs Sui asked us to work on: "Is love the most important value?"

Personally, love is the most useless value if it is perceived from a reasonable perspective, but the most important value if it is perceived from emotional perspective.

Love is the most useless value in science, such as Physics and Chemistry. Imagine the world that there was no love in mankind, and we have no knowledge on this thing called love. Then we will become what we call the machines, the things without any feelings but working for the same objective. It may sound very extreme that I am using the word 'useless', and weird, because I am saying that we will become machines which have no emotions, but let me tell you - that is because of love.

Can you please talk properly?

It is normal to get confused at here. Please try to focus, as it is something that is very deep - without love, we will not be the humans that we all know. A creature without any emotive value, but only physiologically living in order to reproduce and dominate the whole universe. Yes, in terms of evolution, the large barrier that is obstructing humans from developing further into better intelligent beings is love. Love is a catalyst which makes us do things that are not logical. We will be automatons if we do not have emotions, just like what you see from Terminator.

Some movies that make us ponder on mankind's evolution. Terminator, Equilibrium, and Prometheus. (Coincidentally, they are all single word!)

Let me bring up some movies to add to this seemingly difficult topic. In Equilibrium, Christian Bale appears as a man who is extremely skillful at killing, and forming this city where dictation takes place, and one has to take an injection every day in order to 'kill' the emotions inside. The thing at here is that the person does not lose emotions completely, but there is no feeling of compassion. Of course, love is not something that exactly makes us compassionate, but imagine yourself spotting a beggar asking for money - what do you feel? The action of putting down a penny into that dirty, little can of the disheveled, hideous man is done out of love. Equilibrium also presents how emotions equating to rationality become so dangerous, as people become psychopaths who cannot function as proper human beings.

So, if we do not have any emotions, there is no love. Humans will just be the most dominant and intelligent beings all over the universe. This is depicted very well in Lucy of how dangerous a human can become, if brain surpasses our normal capacity.

Personally, I didn't really like Lucy, but for this topic, this movie can be used for reference purpose.

The reason why I am using movies to explain my point is to vividly describe to you how dangerous a person without love can become, but what if all humans have no emotions? That is something which is not possible (but maybe possible from some dictator, like Kim Jong Un), but theoretically speaking, it is going to be extremely efficient if we do not know what love is, because we will lose emotions and move on to viral beings multiplying our numbers.

Love will really be the most useless thing to the whole mankind, if we are viruses, just like ebola. Just imagine that you will feel sympathy for killing a person or an animal.

However, this may be the most useless point at the same time, because this is not practical at all. Is love something that we are going to lose? Probably in five billion years (that is when our Earth dies), but the funny thing is, humans can live around 100 years. Mankind, however, may be perished very soon. Just look at what the hell that Kim Jong Un is doing. That is because of love as well. For those who do not get my point, let me reiterate and continue in the next post on why love is the most important value for mankind as well.

My stand is: Love is the most useless value in mankind's development, evolution and reproduction (or maybe not. Since you will be in coitus and do some exciting push-pulls during that process). It is also the most potentially dangerous value that can destroy the whole mankind.

Now, let us look at this question from other perspective.

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