Friday, 29 August 2014

Welcome to Auburn Society!

I am very glad to meet all of you, even though I don't have any idea who you are and did not meet you at all. (Are you self-contradicting from the start?)

Some have already come here through my Twitter or Instagram profile, and if you realise that all the posts are gone, I would like to say, yes - you're correct. I deleted all the past posts because I wanted to restart my Blogger. Please understand my own opinion, as there was a personal issue that I raised.

For the Auburn Society, it is meant to be sounding similar to Urban Society, which is the world we are living in. For better understanding, here is the meaning of auburn:
  1. 1.
    (of hair) of a reddish-brown colour.

Emma Stone's auburn hair. Stoning.
As you can see, auburn is a word used for hair. The reason why I say this Blogger is called auburn is not because I am trying to discriminate anyone. As I have said earlier, brown colour is something that is processed, something that seems wasteful, but in fact it is like rudimentary and essential form of our life.

For example, woods, soil and defecation that you do as your daily basis (please see a doctor if yours is red, not this Blogger!) are usually brown-shaded. They all contain one similarity - they are all from nature, and is natural to do such stuff.

These are important for our livelihood. Maybe except that s**t.

In Auburn Society, we become Bear Grylls.

I am just kidding. Personally, I don't have any experience of stepping into the forest and masticating a big, fat-grown, yellow caterpillar. The scene of it already disgusts me, I swear. 

"Rrrr!" Bear cried. 
The Auburn Society is ironic in a way it is titled, because what I am trying to convey is about our society in nature, whereas the meaning of the word urban means, pertaining to the city. (not Urban Dictionary!) In fact, our world is basically ironic in itself, as there are many mysteries, and a lot of crazy things happen globally. Something that does not make sense at all with a normal thinking - it happens.

Instead of looking at the problem directly, I believe that hearing for the opinions and voices from the people are more important, to build a strong and convergent society. In my opinion, this is the normal thing we can do, but most people cannot even do this. It is not because they lack intelligence, but lack their morals, and we, in Auburn Society, use our seventh sense - common sense.

In this Blogger, I will be covering things happening around me, which are superbly stupid, and sharing opinions through comments or Twitter are also possible for you. When I post anything that is related to you and you feel it, do share the Blogger link and even comment on it. I would appreciate to see your reactions.

I also established Lame Joke Corporation two years ago, which is stagnant and not updated at all. I promised that I would update it after learning Adobe Illustrator CS6, but I did not. I am really sorry for the procrastination (but for some, it is better, because lame jokes cause cancer, not cure cancer), but I will still learn Adobe Illustrator CS6 whenever I can.

The Auburn Society not only lets you informed about what is orbiting in the world and yourself, but your personal hobbies too! If you want me to do anything, please comment on the post as well. I will try to do something that is possible within my range. For me, I like origami and programming, so I will keep it updated!

Thank you so much for reading it until here. Please be a part of the Auburn Society, by saving this website as your Favourites and visiting the website often!


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